Bulwark Cider

Bulwark Cider

Bulwark Craft Ciders - first opened its doors back in 2011.  Bulwark is an award-winning owner-operated craft cider and fruit wine producer based in New Ross, Nova Scotia.  Over the years, Bulwark has successfully exported its products to various markets including the United States, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan.




Terroir – Keeping everything in balance, naturally.
Closer to wine than beer, cider is fermented fruit, and – most importantly, craft cider – is heavily influenced by terroir: the soil, weather conditions, and farming practices.  Bulwark’s unique personality begins in the orchard – the Annapolis Valley climate and mineral-rich soil are perfect for growing apples.

5-Select Apple Blend – The DNA of our exceptional experience.
BULWARK signature blend of North American apple varieties comprise Macintosh, Cortland, Russet, Honeycrisp and Northern Spy. 
Picked when in prime condition for apple blossom aromas; fruity flavours; and the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and tartness.

Artisan Cider Making – Each batch is handcrafted.
Freshly pressed apple juice is slowly fermented one batch at a time for different flavour notes. Adjustments are made by batch, as we look for balance in acid, tannin and sweetness.
Our ciders are crafted using a white wine production method evoking undertones that are reminiscent of a sparkling wine.

Authentic – It’s real. It’s local.
Bulwark is all natural and made with 100% freshly-pressed apples from the Annapolis Valley. We are Nova Scotia’s only fully integrated cidery where we press, ferment, and package all onsite - Apples brought to the cidery are juiced onsite and slowly fermented, resulting in a natural cider that’s never made from concentrate.  The outcome is a premium balanced blend of sweetness, acid, and tannins.

By controlling every artisanal step of the cider making process, Bulwark can guarantee the optimum quality, freshness, and craftiness of its ciders.

Taste profile of apple blossom aromas, light, fruity flavours, and a crisp finish with subtle, sweet undertones.

Bulwark Cider Team

Meet The Team

Germain Bergeron – Owner

Co-founder and now sole owner of Bulwark Craft Ciders, Germain is originally from the province of Quebec where he grew up.  A Waterloo graduate (ON) in Chemical Engineering, Germain lived overseas for many years before making Nova Scotia his new home.  He has made the Handcrafted in Nova Scotia a key element of the Bulwark Brand and is a proud ambassador of the province every time he has a chance to showcase Bulwark Ciders in Nova Scotia and beyond.  Germain counts himself lucky to be based in Nova Scotia and have such a wonderful team of close to 20 employees.

Connie – Winemaker/Cidermaker 

Bulwark’s Winemaker/Cidermaker and Winery Manager Connie has a graduate degree in Chemistry and a strong knowledge of wine making having worked as an R&D chemist developing new yeast strains for the industry.  She has since acquired a passion for ciders, fruit wines, perrys and meads.  She approaches each step from a scientific perspective, all while respecting the "craft" nuances and characteristics of the product itself.   Her curiosity drives her to develop new techniques and new products.  She is the creative mind behind Bulwark’s recent new ciders including Thai Purple Mist and Burnt Orange Hibiscus.


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