Lake City Cider

Lake City Cider

With a passion for Cider and the Dartmouth community, Lake City Cider embraces the vast array of high quality Nova Scotia apples in a vibrant and growing community. At Lake City Cider you will experience many styles and variations of what a cider can offer.  Exploration of different combinations of fruits, herbs and cider, is a continual pursuit.

Lake City Cider has been a project on the go conceptually for many years. With a thirst for knowledge, sommelier Poet Comeau began making small batch ciders in her basement. Continuing her education, she eventually traveled to the University of Oregon, Corvallis campus and completed a pear and cider production course.

" All of our ciders are produced using 100% Nova Scotian apples, we take pride in knowing where our apples come from and building a relationship with our farmers. Being able to sell a truly Nova Scotian product is very important to our Lake City Cider community."

About the cidermaker:

Poet Comeau is owner, operator and cider maker. 18 years ago, I found that Gluten affected me in a negative way and it was something common within my family. As my lifestyle morphed into going for dinner and attending gatherings, it was hard to find a gluten free, and casual, refreshing beverage to be enjoyed. Hard Cider was always around but the selection was far from varied and lacked freshness. After spending time travelling Europe and spending the majority of that working in the United Kingdom, I found fresh local hard cider, and a passion was born.

From there I moved back to Dartmouth and finished a BA with a major in history, and then moved on to get a teaching degree in the U.S. As I returned to Nova Scotia teaching quickly fell to the wayside and a keen interest in the beverage alcohol industry pulled me in. A great desire to know more began and I became a fully certified Sommelier within my first 2 years of being back in Nova Scotia. I worked for many worldwide brands learning the industry from great leaders within big companies and eventually working for the world’s largest wine producer. Yet all signs still led to the cider industry. Continuing on my own education I began making small batch ciders in my basement, experimenting with different blends and yeasts. Reading many books, only opened me up to more questions. This led me to the University of Oregon and a course at their Corvallis campus, competing a production course for Perry and Cider. 

 "Being able to own and operate a business in Downtown Dartmouth is a privilege and I am so very happy to be part of the new vibrancy that is happening in Dartmouth" -Poet