No Boats On Sunday

No Boats On Sunday

No Boats on Sunday started with a purchase of 10,000 Annapolis Valley apples in 2016 which were transformed into the original cider. Now we purchase 1.3 million pounds of locally grown apples to satisfy the demand for our cider in Atlantic Canada.

"The key to understanding No Boats on Sunday is that it is at every step of the process a commitment to satisfying our loyal local consumers. We strive to make great tasting products, using only Nova Scotia grown ingredients, and make them in a style that will be appealing to a wide range of palates."

About the cidermaker:

"Adelle Lyon, Atlantic Sales Manager, Andrew Peller Ltd.: “No Boats on Sunday represents an important step forward for Andrew Peller Ltd, a company with a more than 50-year history in Nova Scotia, as it allows us to increase our support of the local economy. I am happy to report in this calendar year we will purchase well in excess of one million pounds of Annapolis Valley grown apples, forty thousand pounds of Nova Scotia cranberries, two hundred pounds of Nova Scotia grown hops. At every point in the production process, our agricultural inputs stay in Nova Scotia, not only benefiting the farmers that grow our produce but a number of other businesses, including two local business hired to press our apples into juice. The success of No Boats on Sunday and all locally produced cider is a great success story for our province and has had a positive impact on the local economy."

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