Alexander Keiths

Black and white photo of the Alexander Keith's Brewery when it first opened in the early 1900's. Horse and wagon parked in front.

About The Owners

Alexander Keith, the man behind the nationally known brand, arrived in Halifax from Halkirk, Scotland, in 1817. As the province’s first certified brewmaster, he pioneered the tradition of making great beer in Nova Scotia. Mr. Keith’s passion for the art and science of brewing led him to establish Alexander Keith’s Brewery in 1820. The brewery continues operating today and is the production site for a portfolio of fine beers inspired by Mr. Keith’s high-quality standards. 


Carrying on the pursuit of brewing excellence, the team behind the brewery today are Matt, Mark, Jennette and Beth, who work alongside a skilled team of brewers, who create a variety of beer styles, and a talented group of tour musicians, who welcome more than 30,000 visitors to the brewery each year.


What Makes Them Unique

Alexander Keith’s was the original Indian Pale Ale (IPA), a beer style we now consider traditional. The IPA was historically brewed in the Alexander Keith’s Brewery, which remains one of the oldest working breweries in North America. 


This historical, more than 200-year-old brewery, is located in Downtown Halifax and is the production site for Alexander Keith’s portfolio of beers exclusive to the Maritimes. Below the copper brewhouse is the Stag’s Head Pub, which was once Mr. Keith’s beer ageing cavern built to keep the beer fresh and cool. Today the cavern is a hidden gem in the city used for sampling, socializing, and raising a glass to East Coast hospitality. It brings to life all things Alexander Keith was passionate about and is the heart and soul of the brewery.


A Nova Scotian symbol, Alexander Keith’s embodies rich history and heritage, which continues to be showcased in the community through the craftmanship of fine beers, a unique tour experience, and an annual birthday celebration for Mr. Keith every October 5!

Modern photo of the front of the Alexander Keith's Brewery with a tour guide dressed in plaid and people looking up at them.

About Their Products 

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale is the beer that made Alexander Keith’s a house known name. It is brewed with the highest Canadian malted barley and choice hops resulting in a taste like no other. Alexander Keith’s legendary ale yeast adds subtle pepper and black liquorice notes to round out the aroma profile. Those who like it, like it a lot.  

The most recent addition to the Alexander Keith’s family is Alexander Keith’s Blonde. A crisp and refreshing ale with subtle melon and red fruit aromas paired with a balanced, malty taste to finish. This beer showcases munich, oats, and honey malts from Horton Ridge in the Annapolis Valley. 

Alexander Keith’s Stag’s Head Red is a crowd favourite, created using exceptional attention to detail to deliver smooth caramel notes while remaining highly drinkable. This beer is perfect for drinking year-round, regardless of the weather, and is an excellent pair with fish and chips.  

If you’re looking for big, bold citrus and tropical hop aromas, Alexander Keith’s Halifax Haze is the beer for you. With hoppy, tropical aromas on the nose, this beer is brewed with wheat and oats giving it a smooth finish that isn’t overpoweringly bitter. 

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