Line up of Breton Brewing Beers. Starting with the darkest beer closest to in the image then progressing to the lightest beer.

Breton Brewing

About the Owners 

Co-founders, Bryan Macdonald and Andrew Morrow have always shared a passion for homebrewing. Originally from Cape Breton it was the love of brewing beer that brought them together. Brewing many batches in their kitchens, garages, and driveways they grew their skills by experimenting with many different recipes. Over the years of they refined their knowledge to make the best beer possible, and were awarded at home brewing competitions for their dedication.  

What Makes Breton Brewing Unique 

A welcoming taproom and beer garden offers a lighthearted atmosphere where patrons can sit and enjoy a flight of tasters, or a pint of natural, unfiltered & preservative-free ales and lagers. Experience the magic of this award-winning brewery by diving into the many different styles of beer while chatting with the knowledgeable staff about each product's connection to Cape Breton and what goes into every pint.  

Photo of the Breton Brewing team on the ice of a curling rink with the Breton Brewing logo painted on the ice

Breton Brewing Products

They pride themselves on their consistency, drinkability and variety of the products that they offer. With their Stirling Hefeweizen winning the Atlantic Canadian beer of the year and their Seven Years Pale winning the Atlantic Canadian Pale Ale of the year. With seven full-time beers and many seasonal creations their innovation from their home brewing days still continues to this day. It is clear the passion that Breton Brewing has for their making the highest quality beer as that is showcased with everything that they produce. You can find many of their beers at an NSLC near you. 


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