Good Robot Brewing

Good Robot Brewing

Good Robot Brewing is the blowback to stifling office environments and the idea that we must grow up. We first opened the brewery. Then the taproom. Then the GastroTurf. Then the upstairs barroom. And now, there are plans for a theme park. 

"Our beers are experimental, eccentric and, in many cases, untrue to style. We brew beer meant to be paired with good times and thoughtful engagement. Can we make a beer with a berry only sold in IKEA cafeterias? Well, it is worth a shot. All our beers are gluten-reduced or low-gluten. They are treated with an enzyme that drops gluten proteins below the international threshold for gluten-free labeling. We have had many Disney moments of mother-son reunions over beers after decades of gluten intolerance. We are crushing gluten intolerance. We are also a tiny brewery with a big ol' team of weirdos. Our Marketing Team rolls deep. We sponsor dozens of festivals and groups. We host more events than any brewery in the Maritimes. We have a taproom that has become more of a public tavern for gossip and discourse than a tasting room. We express our morals which gets us in hot soup. And we screw up a lot. A LOT. To a frightening level for a PR expert."

Here are the owners/brewers of Good Robot:

  • - Joshua Counsil. Former engineer. Current cofounder and Marketing Director. Facilitator of weirdness. Receiver of Cease & Desist letters. 
  • - Doug Kehoe. Former engineer and environmental officer. Current cofounder and Brew Team Leader. Brewer of core brands. Drinker of Coors Light. Tax expert. Sax aficionado.
  • - Angus Campbell. Former engineer. Current cofounder and Operations Manager. Hunter of unpaid invoices. Manager of expectations. Rumored to be a marionette.
  • - Kelly Costello. Brewer/Brewster and BetaBrew Coordinator. Masher of malts. Smasher of patriarchy. Inspiration of many. Head of FemmeBot, celebrating femmes in brewing and industry.
  • - Giovanni Johnson. Brewer/Yeast QA & QC. Terpene enthusiast. Lover of green plants. Chiller than our chiller. Head of FlavaBot, bringing Bahamian flava to Halifax. 

"Our products are quirky, eccentric, experimental and often untrue to style. Some call it a gimmick. We agree. A really fun, tasty gimmick. The folks who occupy our space are misfits, so the beers should match that. We also try to brew beers that bring cultures and different demographics together."



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