North Brewing Co

North Brewing Co.

"We started the planning stages of North Brewing in 2012.  Peter was a home brewer with a business background and Josh was a brewer at Propeller who had previous experience in the dairy farming industry (which lends itself quite well to the brewing world!). When we started up, our focus was on making Belgian-inspired beers. Back then Peter and Josh were brewing 300L of beer at a time at our Agricola St. location. We brewed what we could, and opened our doors when we had beer to sell! The support we received after opening was wonderful. We've been able to steadily grow to include our retail location inside Battery Park and We are currently in the process of building out our new production facility at 899 Portland St in Dartmouth. We cannot wait to get up and running so we can share some beers with our new neighbours."

"At North we value collaboration, both within our team as well as with other local businesses. To add to that, all of our unique label designs are done by local artists; we are surrounded by a tremendous amount of talented artists and want to use our cans as a canvas.  In addition, we have just recently launched the North Brewing Conservation initiative.  We will be working to raise funds for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust with the longterm goal of endowing (in perpetuity) ecologically significant land in NS. Our goal is to have a high quality product with a low environmental impact, and we believe that protecting land in our beautiful province is one way we can give back and achieve this goal."

About the owners/brewers:

" We have a small production team at North consisting of five people: Josh, Brad Wilkinson, Stephen McIntosh, Peter and Rozina. As a team, we like to talk about our kids and pets, listen to an array of musical stylings, drink fun beer, eat good food, play laser tag, and take on DIY projects. Josh Herbin, Peter Burbridge and Rozina Darvesh form the core ownership of North Brewing.  Josh met Peter and Rozina in their backyard in 2012, and have been friends/coworkers ever since."

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