Tusket Falls Brewing Company

Tusket Falls Brewing Company

Tusket Falls Brewery was created by and is run by a husband and wife duo.  Jeff spends his days brewing, reading up on brewing, and sampling many beers from his favourite breweries that inspire him. Melanie manages the taproom and handles most of the office work involved with running the brewery. She is one of eighteen beer sommeliers in the Province of Nova Scotia and also is lucky to sample many great beers from around the world with her husband.  

"The craft beer we are producing today is very different from the beer we produced 12 months ago.  Our brewer is constantly working on change; changes in style, technique, and ingredients and always with the end goal of “making the beer slightly better than it was before”. Our aim is to move away from our current core beers and release a variety of new, quality beers throughout the year."

The atmosphere here at our brewery is very rustic, welcoming and cozy.  Tusket Falls Brewery is located in a quiet, tucked away area of Tusket, yet it is very accessible as it is only 0.5km from highway 103. We are open year-round, 7 days a week. In the summer, our large patio is filled with live music, locals and tourists and in the winter time all of the fun happens inside in our 60 seat, 12 tap bar area."

About the owners/brewers:

"My Husband Jeff and I (Melanie) had been living in Western Canada for 10 years, but we were excited to venture home and start Tusket Falls Brewing Company in our community of Tusket. Inspired by our love for craft beer and our desire for creating a successful, enjoyable business that our friends, family and neighbors could enjoy." 

Please visit Tusket Fall Brewing website https://www.restaurantji.com/ns/tusket/tusket-falls-brewing-company-/.

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