Authentic Seacost

Authentic Seacoast

Rare Bird Craft Beer has been around for more than a decade, as one of the original craft beer brands in Nova Scotia. In the beginning, it was exclusively available on tap at the Rare Bird Pub, but with the opening of the brewery & distillery in 2016 it has scaled up considerably.


The Authentic Seacoast Distillery is a breathtaking facility, nestled into one of the quaintest corners of Nova Scotia. Guests step inside from a pristine rural setting into one of the most state-of-the-art distilleries in Eastern Canada, instantly wowed by the three-story high continuous column still.


Fortress Rum is the signature product of Authentic Seacoast, and a celebrated local treasure. Previously awarded the Nova Scotia Craft Sprit of the Year by the NSLC, this rum is a convergence of a great product and a great story.


Every bottle of Fortress Rum is barrel-aged onsite at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton for a minimum of one year. Guests visiting the Fortress can take a tour to see the barrels and learn more about the process, plus even purchase the product onsite from Park Canada.


About the winemaker/distiller:

It’s been well-documented how a bicycle ride almost three decades ago triggered a chain of events that has led to owner Glynn Williams discovering his passion. Since that trip, he’s gone on to become an award-winning brewer and distiller, and he continues to innovate and invest in the town of Guysborough.


“Visitors appreciate that our business is family-owned, and that the owner personally makes every bottle of spirits that we sell,” said Williams. “We love welcoming guests to our oceanfront distillery/brewery (and soon-to-be vineyard), and especially to host them in one of our local accommodations, in order to get the true Authentic Seacoast experience.

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