Barrelling Tide Distillery

Two owners of Barrelling Tide Distillery.

About the Owners

Russell and Colleen Murphy, the owners of Barrelling Tide Distillery first started their distilling journey while travelling to the United States in 2012 and 2013 and befriending a few distillers who showed them how to run a distillery on a commercial scale. If they were going to learn the ropes of owning a distillery, they also had to learn the dirty work. To gain their right of passage into the distilling world, Russell and Colleen rolled up their sleeves and mopped the floor and scrubbed the tanks of their new friends distillery. In addition to this critical first-hand learning experience, they also took educational training at Cornell University in upstate New York.


When they returned home to the Annapolis Valley – an agricultural anchor for Nova Scotia –  from their two-year trip learning and growing as distillersthey knew the perfect partnership would be with local farmers


In 2014, Barrelling Tide Distillery was incorporated, and their 400L pot still and column were ordered, and fabrication started in Germany by Muller. In early 2016, the sea container arrived from Hamburg, Germany, and the distillery was ready to begin operation with their new equipment. On May 16, 2016, Barrelling Tide Distillery opened its doors for the first time!


Russell, a red-seal chef who went from operating kitchens to developing and designing a craft distillery, believes the secret behind Barrelling Tide’s award-winning products are the taste profiles he was able to create thanks to his trained professional palate and the quality of the produce grown by the local farmers.


What Makes Them Unique

“Buy a bottle, support a farm.”


Barrelling Tide Distillery was built on the principle of supporting their neighbouring farmers and producers, with a strong commitment to using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. They handcraft all their award-winning spirits and liqueurs on-site in small batches and believe that quality will forever come before quantity.


The craft distillery is located in the heart of Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley. Overlooking a tidal river that leads to the Bay of Fundy, their name was inspired by the rise and fall of the highest tides in the world that they see there twice a day. 


Onsite they handle the product from start to finish. They mash, ferment, distil, do fruit pressing, canning, barrel ageing, bottling, and labelling. Typically, Barrelling Tide processes over 10 tonnes of local fruit per year used in almost all their products. They are truly a full-circle operation, and Russell and Colleen say it’s due to the amazing staff who back them up.

Image of the exterior of Barrelling Tide Distillery.

About Their Products 

5 Fathom Dark Rum has quickly made a name for itself since its release in 2018. It has gained worldwide recognition as a true expression of Canada’s East Coast for its deep, rich colour and flavour. Earlier this year, after winning Gold against other contestants in Canada, it went on to compete on a global level and won World’s Best at the 2023 World Rum Awards. It also brought home Gold at the 2023 New York International Spirit Competition, Silver at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, and Gold with Distinction & Best in Class at the 2023 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.  

Tide Gin, made with a fusion of 16 different botanicals, is a contemporary gin proclaimed by most and considered their flagship gin. This year alone, it won Silver at the 2023 New York International Spirits Competition, Gold at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, Silver at the 2023 World Gin Awards, Gold at the 2023 MLSA Competition, and Silver at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  

Tide Chili Pepper Vodka starts with their exceptionally smooth Tide Vodka. They infuse the vodka with local chili peppers for an elevated heat that pairs nicely in caesars or a spicy meal.  

Tide Mixed Berry Vodka Soda is an exceptionally smooth, gluten-free hard seltzer with no added sugar. The natural flavours of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry are extremely clean and refreshing. 

Tide Tropical Rum Punch is perfect for those longing for the tropical taste of summer. You can expect beautifully balanced flavours of pineapple, mango, and a subtle hint of lime. This delicious beverage is made with all-natural flavours and natural fruit juices. A refined expression of summer that is enjoyed year-round.

Barrelling Tide Products

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