Bottle of Caldera 5 year Hurricane Whisky in front of a barn

Caldera Distilling

Caldera Distilling produces craft whisky which is proudly distilled, aged, barreled and bottles in River John, Nova Scotia. The coolness of climate and soil on the Northumberland Strait provides rye that contributes intense, spicy aromas to Caldera’s whisky

Not only does the climate of their location shape their whisky, but also the culture. “Our whisky is bottled the old-fashioned way - by hand! We like to say it’s a ‘taste of the slower pace’, which certainly reflects life in rural Nova Scotia. We wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

The distillery was officially opened in 2013 and their whisky is aged in a century-old barn on the Distillery property. This barn gave rise to the name of their best-selling Hurricane 5 whisky. A handwritten note was found on one of the barn beams ‘October 18 1939 Storm.’ Recorded in the history books as simply 'Hurricane 5', the barn that was once a refuge now guards the storm's namesake whisky as it ages to perfection. Try using the Caldera Hurricane 5 whisky in our Old Fashioned Recipe for a Nova Scotia spin on this classic cocktail.

If you’re looking for a delicious Nova Scotia craft whisky, look no further than the selection of products from Caldera Distilling! 

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