Ironworks Distillery

Ironworks Distillery

Rum has traditionally been known and loved as a base for simple mixed drinks like rum and coke and for playing a supporting role in more complex cocktails. But rum’s spirit is on the rise. Distillers have been rapidly expanding their offerings into the premium spirits realm, crafting products that are meant to be enjoyed neat or over ice.

One local distiller, Lunenburg’s Ironworks Distillery, is helping lead the category with their very popular Bluenose Rum. Co-owners Lynne MacKay and Pierre Guevremont were early champions of the local craft spirit movement.

Ironworks is a micro-distillery located in the old port of Lunenburg on Nova Scotia’s historic South Shore. They take their name from the 1893 heritage building they call home: a marine blacksmith’s shop that once produced ironworks for the shipbuilding trade. Ironworks crafts their spirits with the same love of traditional methods and attention to detail.

According to distiller, Lynne MacKay: “We built Ironworks around the belief that wonderful spirits could be distilled right here in Nova Scotia using ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Sugar cane, a required ingredient of rum, doesn’t grow here, at least not yet. But we all know and love Crosby’s Molasses. So, we bring molasses in from New Brunswick — ferment, distill and age it in oak for several years before we blend the rum into everyone’s favourite dark variation, Bluenose Rum.”

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