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JD Shore

The story of JD Shore is truly the story of Julie Shore & Arla Johnson. Partners in both business and life, Julie and Arla consider themselves Halifax’s “spirited” couple. After deciding to leave their careers in North Carolina, they arrived in Canada in 1997 and built an Inn in eastern PEI.  

Over the next few years, Julie increasingly thought about the business of her ancestors– distilling whiskey, apple brandy and bourbon. Julie’s great, great, great, grandfather, I.C. Shore, was a Master Distiller in North Carolina. Julie successfully acquired her designation as a Master Distiller and with their entrepreneurial spirit and love of fine spirits, they arrived in Halifax in 2016 to open Halifax Distilling Co. 

Halifax Distilling Co. makes JD Shore rums! JD Shore rums are Maritime made, in a custom-built copper still blended with a fine Caribbean rum. Halifax Distilling Co. celebrates Nova Scotia’s proud history in rum running and exhibits the character of Downtown Halifax.  

Welcoming visitors for production tours and tastings, Halifax Distilling Co. has become a can’t-miss venue on the Halifax waterfront. As women, Julie and Arla are proud to carry on the tradition of handcrafted spirits. After all, women created the first still, beer, and single malt scotch. 
Left: Photo of the Arla and Julie, the owners of JD Shore. In the distillery. Right: Photo of a JD Shore Rum Cream and cocktail.

JD Shore Fun Facts! 

  1. While JD Shore Rum Cream has become a favourite of Nova Scotian’s, Julie also produces a line up of delicious rums (hold the cream)! 
  2. Their extremely popular Rum Cream is made from a secret recipe Julie perfected over 5 years.
  3. A key Maritime ingredient for select JD Shore products is Crosby’s molasses – wherever possible JD Shore uses the best local ingredients.
  4. JD Shore Rums are blended with propriety rum from the distillery on Lower Water Street in downtown Halifax, an historical part of the city steeped in rum history dating back hundreds of years. 
  5. Initial J in JD Shore stands for Julie, the JD Shore Master Distiller
  6. Both JD Shore After Eight-ish & the After Eight Chocolates are made in Halifax! (The chocolate is made in Halifax, UK) 

Looking for a delicious new cocktail that combines chocolately goodness with the coolness of mint? Try the JD Shore Mintifest Chocolate Supreme cocktail or discover a favourite from JD Shore’s delicious lineup of Rums & Cream Liquors. 

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