Three tasting glasses sit on the tasting bar at Avondale Sky's tasting room, being fill with samples of their wines.

Avondale Sky

About the Owners

Meet the family behind Avondale Sky. The Coutinho family all play a role in making sure the winery runs smoothly. Karl Coutinho oversees and operates Avondale Sky Winery working with licensees and distributors to ensure their wines are in all corners of the market. Sean Coutinho oversees the restaurant's daily operations and the retail side of the winery. He also manages the website, graphic design, and offerings at the winery. Jaime Coutinho creates, distributes, and engages with all social channels, helping with collaborations, and responding to customers. You will find Louis Coutinho (aka Dad) in the vineyard, taking care of the grounds, and Avila Coutinho (aka Mom) managing the finances, helping apply for grants, and helping at the tasting bar and cash at the winery.  

The Coutinho family stands together arm in arm on the lush green Avondale Sky property, with their dog sitting in from of them..

What makes them unique 

Avondale Sky Winery is a unique destination off the beaten path. Located in Newport Landing outside Windsor, Nova Scotia. The winery is comprised of two rescued buildings. The old St. Matthews Church from Walton, Nova Scotia, is now the restaurant and retail space which was floated down the river to its new home at Avondale Sky, and the wine production facility was once an old barn that was moved piece by piece from 10kms down the road.  

About Their Products 

At Avondale Sky, they create exceptional and approachable wines that complement the grapes grown in their climate. Their winemaker Ben Swetnam is free to do what is best for the grapes and the wine. 

Lady Slipper is a rosé wine that pairs with virtually anything—a versatile wine with bright red fruit notes and a soft palate. This wine is primarily made from Leon Millot grapes and is praised for being sharable during summer get-togethers.  

The Notorious RED is smoky and juicy if you're looking for a Nova Scotia red. This wine is dry with balanced acidity, keeping it fresh and perfect for pairing with meaty foods or even surf and turf. This medium-bodied red is elevated when served with a slight chill. Let it spend 15 minutes in the fridge before enjoying it! 

Avondale Sky's Tidal Bay perfectly expresses Nova Scotia's white wines. Aromatic, refreshing, crisp, and food friendly. The perfect pairing for Nova Scotian seafood but also excellent with spicy chicken wings, according to our winemaker. The ideal gift and anytime wine! 

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