Four canned wines; Piquette Berry, Piquette Peach, Muscat Mint, Rose


Say hello to LÜVO, one of Nova Scotia’s most innovative wine brands! LÜVO wines are a reflection of the east coast spirit and are unpretentious, refreshing and easy to share. All of LÜVO’s wine are driven by a simple philosophy, in this fast-paced world, they choose to simply and honestly pause to focus on a few guiding principles: Nurture, Inspire, Love, Balance and Delight.  

LÜVO used this philosophy and guiding principles in the origins of their name:  

Lüvo: [loo-voh] noun 

  1. LÜVO: Someone with a positive attitude. Delight.
  2. LÜVO: Someone true to their roots and passions. Truth
  3. LÜVO: Someone who takes care of themselves both emotionally & physically. Balance
  4. LÜVO: Someone who has a lot of love and takes care of other people. Love
  5. LÜVO: Someone who does inspiring things. Inspire. 

LÜVO: Someone who cares for the health of their environment. Nurture. 

Headed by award-winning winemaker Gina Haverstock (pictured above), LÜVO is a passion project that allows their team the opportunity to create remarkable wines that have a specific style & a profile that is fresh and fruity but remarkably still sophisticated. 

Whether you’re catching up with loved ones, enjoying a much-needed weekend getaway or raising a toast to attaining that life goal, LÜVO wines are just right for celebrating moments, making memories, and living here and now with good friends, food, music and fun. 

LÜVO wines are all natural and gluten-free and are artfully created with locally grown Nova Scotia grapes. There are no artificial ingredients, colours or additives, as well as no animal based fining material. All LÜVO wines are packaged in aluminum cans. Aluminum not only protects our wine from oxygen and light, but the 250mL cans are smaller, lighter, and more recyclable than glass.  

LÜVO offers a diverse product line with many different styles and flavour profiles. Check out their entire line of products to find one that suits your preference. 

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