A spin around Propeller Brewery

Pint of Propeller beer on cement

A spin around Propeller Brewery

Established in 1997, Propeller Brewing Co. specializes in making good craft beer from its original Gottingen Street location in Halifax and its newer, larger brewery in Dartmouth. Using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, Propeller’s owner and operator John Allen focuses on handcrafted, small batch beer made with time-honoured methods that produce distinct, full-body tastes and aromas.

Propeller’s approach
Brewing good beer takes two important elements: the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and a talented brew master. Propeller’s way of balancing hops and malts, as well as their brewing method, is as much art as it is a science. Their hand-crafted beer is brewed in small batches, with time-honoured methods that produce distinct, full-body tastes and aromas.

From props to propellers
Back in the early 90s, founder John Allen was working in the film industry as a prop master. During down-times between productions he experimented with making quality beer at home. Honing his craft for the sheer pleasure of it, he was a bit surprised when his “hobby” began to receive praise from friends and family. Some life changes and big decisions later, Propeller Brewery was born, on Halifax’s funky Gottingen Street.

Classics and seasonals
Today, Propeller brews year round favourites like Extra Special Bitter, IPA and London-Style Porter, plus seasonal brews like Pumpkin Ale, Hefeweizen Wheat Ale and Revolution Russian Imperial Stout.

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