Tapping into local beer trends.

Glasses of different Nova Scotia craft beer

Find out what's trending in the craft beer world.

It’s good to be local in Nova Scotia—especially if you’re a craft beer producer. Currently, Nova Scotia is home to more than two-dozen local craft breweries and brewpubs, many of which are on the cutting edge of Canadian beer trends.

What’s trending right now in beer?

From light to dark

While Nova Scotia’s brewing industry is rooted in ale production, you can expect to start seeing more craft lagers and hybrid beer styles filling niches. Producers such as Spindrift and Tatamagouche are set to offer new products to add to the craft lager category. But don’t expect them all to be pale and light as many producers are looking to experiment with dark lager styles.

Greener pastures

Organic will become increasingly important for craft breweries as more producers seek organic certifications and use raw materials acquired from sustainable sources.


Producers will continue to use more and more local ingredients in their beer, including locally sourced malts, locally grown and harvested hops, and even local produce like stone fruit, apples, and berries.

The best way to learn about local beer trends is to get out and visit your local bars, restaurants, and brewpubs. Sample a few different local beers and don’t be shy to talk to your bartender or server about the Nova Scotian beers they have on tap.

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