Plate of seasoned meat cooked with beer served on a wooden plater
  • 3 Steps

How to make beer and spice marinade.

Cooking with wine is a centuries-old tradition. But beer also makes a wonderful cooking ingredient. In this easy marinade recipe, beer adds a bready, flavourful accent.

Here's how you do it

  • Step1

    Place your meat - steak or pork - in a large bowl and pour beer into bowl. Be sure beer covers meat entirely.

    Beer and spice marinade step 1
  • Step2

    Add seasoning to the bowl, mixing in with beer gently.

    Beer and spice marinade step 2
  • Step3

    Cover bowl with lid and place in fridge. Allow at least 1 hour for beer to marinate meat prior to cooking.

    Beer and spice marinade step 3