Beer lovers can love a cider too


Maybe you just like what you like, and don’t venture off the beaten path very often. Maybe you tried a cider once, but you found it too sweet. Maybe you assume a cider just doesn’t, or can’t, have the depth of flavour you enjoy in a beer. Whatever your reason for not exploring the world of ciders yet, look—and taste—again. Even a died-in-the-wool beer lover can enjoy a quality cider.

Cider is not a new idea

Far from a new idea, ciders have a long history in North America. During the 17th century, fermented apple juice was the cheapest and most accessible drink and considered safer than water. It wasn’t until the 1800s, as more Europeans settled in North America, that beer began wooing away hard cider drinkers. Today, there are amazing ciders being crafted, and the NSLC offers some of the best.

Ciders can be complex and deep

The key to a beer-lover enjoying a cider is finding both a high quality cider, and the type that’s right for you. Look for ciders made from, at least in part, fresh cider apples. Ciders made from “eating apples” will be less dynamic. Cider apples are what give a cider the tannin and acidity that make for a more complex drink. Fermentation of cider apples can create a wide range of spicy, fruity, earthy, and tart flavours, depending on the apple used. Ciders range from dry to sweet, from uncarbonated to effervescent. But all great ciders should have balance and complexity from acidity, tannin, and the flavours brought out by fermentation.

Use our Cider Discovery Guide

We created the Cider Discovery Guide to help you navigate the world of cider tastes and flavours. As a beer lover, you might be more drawn to the dry ciders, or medium-dry. So go ahead and start there. You may still reach for beer most often, but you’ll be able to confidently reach for a cider when the mood strikes you!


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