Sweet Taste Profile

Similar to cider, coolers have different levels of sweetness. Even though every cooler is unique, you can typically describe a cooler with a Sweet taste profile as having:

  • Refreshing sweetness
  • Bursting with luscious flavours
  • A dessert-like finish

Take a moment to explore the many coolers at the NSLC that fit the Sweet taste profile. You’re sure to find one or two you’d like to try!


Cooler Shelftalker Side Panel Graphic

Here’s the info you’ll find at shelf.

  1. ① Taste Profile

    Similar to cider, coolers have different levels of sweetness – they can also be spicy! There are four different Taste Profiles that you’ll find within the coolers category – Lightly Sweet, Medium Sweet, Sweet and Spicy. Look for one of these four icons at shelf to find the profile that bests suits your tastes.

  2. ② Style

    Style describes what the main flavour ingredients of the cooler is. There are six different styles – Fruity, Berry, Citrus, Tropical, Creamy or Classic. Classic describes the combination of flavours that define classic cocktails and mixed drinks, such as Caesars, Cosmopolitans or Long Island Iced Teas.

  3. ③ Flavours

    A cooler’s flavours are determined by a number of factors, including the ingredients used. The most distinct flavours that you’ll find in the cooler are listed here on the product’s shelf card, and can range from dragonfruit to candy cane!

  4. ④ Base

    This is where you’ll find out what type of alcohol the cooler product has been mixed with – whether it’s rum, vodka, gin, tequila, wine or malt-based!