Discover three Nova Scotia cider brands

A mason jar of cider sitting on a wood plank with an apple beside it

Nova Scotia has a long and thriving history of growing and exporting apples and apple products to countries around the world. However, it’s only recently that we’ve started making a name for ourselves in the cider world. Here’s to making up for lost time! We now have a host of cider houses here in Nova Scotia crafting products that are making taste buds near and far sit up and take notice. Learn about three of them below.

1. Bulwark Cider

If you’re just getting started exploring local ciders, you can’t go wrong with Bulwark. Their ciders picked up 2 Golds, a Silver and a Bronze at the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards. Bulwark is also the best-selling cider brand at the NSLC.

Muwin Estate Wines, the owner of Bulwark Ciders, was founded just five years ago in New Ross. Bulwark’s ciders are made with local ingredients, the majority harvested from their own estate. Bulwark is also shipped to China, South Korea, and Thailand, giving Nova Scotia a little bit of well-earned recognition for the booming cider industry. The makers of Bulwark are passionate about quality craft cider and experimenting with new flavours and styles. Their new line of 7 Shores flavoured ciders and Mad Fiddler Hard Ginger Ale hit NSLC stores this past spring. Plus, Bulwark recently worked with a local chef to craft cocktail and food recipes using their cider – these can be found on their website at

2. No Boats on Sunday

The Truro-based No Boats on Sunday Cider has become a favourite both locally and across Canada. Using only locally grown apples fresh from Nova Scotia’s orchards and quality hops from the province’s farms, the cider boasts 100% locally-resourced ingredients. It has a Medium Dry, not-too-sweet taste profile with a refreshing, crisp finish that is excellent with many cheeses, seafood or just to sip on its own.

Drawing from Nova Scotia’s history as a military port and a base for the large fishing industry, boats are a typical part of many Nova Scotian residents’ day-to-day lives. No Boats on Sunday’s name stems not only from our province’s tradition of taking Sundays as a day of rest, but also uses the crossed oars on its logo as a means of telling its drinkers that today is not the day for hard work and it’s time to temporarily “put up the oars” and enjoy a refreshing cider.

3. Chain Yard Urban Cidery

The Chain Yard Urban Cidery is the new kid on the block. Recently opened in Halifax’s north end, they’re already offering a broad range of cider styles made with 100% Nova Scotian apples. You can stop by their taproom to enjoy flights or pints of cider while filling up on some tasty local fare prepared in their Unchained Kitchen.

Their Foundation Cider is a blend of Northern Spy, Jonagold and Macintosh applies, and makes for a sessionable cider that has a hint of tropical notes. Foundation is currently available at the NSLC, and you’ll find variants including their Hopped Cider, Oaked Cider, and many more in their Agricola Street taproom.

And those are just a few of the many cider houses hitting their stride across the province. With more than 11 cider brands (and growing) available, there’s plenty of local flavours waiting to be discovered.

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