Bulwark: A cider worth its weight in gold

A collection of apples being washed

New Ross’s Muwin Estates, producers of Bulwark Traditional Craft Cider, are seeing a lot of gold these days. And it’s not just the colour of their ciders. Their cidery, which took home the gold at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards, has seen their overall cider sales skyrocket.

Bulwark offers a full suite of taste experiences, ranging from the dry herbal tones of their Hopped Cider to the complex vanilla, caramel, coconut and fruity tones of their Barrel-Aged Cider to the crisp, refreshing character of their immensely popular Original Cider.

Unlike local wine (which has to age in cellars), fresh cider is available almost immediately after the autumn apples are harvested. Bulwark is just one of a growing number of artisanal cider producers reviving a tradition in apple growing and cider production that dates back over 400 years.

In the increasingly competitive local craft cider scene, Bulwark is constantly broadening its range of cider offerings. Their barrel-aged version makes a great pairing to winter cuisine, especially game birds in cream sauces, cream-based casseroles and stews. Cider lovers should also try pairing their hopped cider with dishes accented with fresh sage.

  Pair your next cider with one of these recipes;

Thanks to local producers like Bulwark, the future is golden for the local craft cider industry. Want to find out what cider profiles best fits you? Take our Cider Discovery quiz.



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